Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Black Hole of Calcutta - "Black Hole of Calcutta" (2012) [Give Praise Records]

Fittingly named after the infamous dungeon-esque hellhole that consumed British prisoners of war, Black Hole of Calcutta is an excellent slice of blackened-y grind that should be surely checked out.

Upon hitting the play button for the first track, “Myth of Progress,” and hearing the subsequent sludgy, doom and feedback laden riffs, amongst slow pounding drums, I thought to myself, well, here’s to what is hopefully another good offering of doom/sludge that has popped up yet again – but about a minute after that thought, I was thrown into a vortex of grinding riffs, raging vocals, and a whole load of, uh, awesome, only slowing down towards the during the outro.

After listening to the first track, and viewing the following track’s song times (ranging 37 seconds to a little over 2 minutes, asides from the longer, 5 minute first track), I knew I was in for something I wasn’t expecting at all with my initial impression.

15 minutes later (the album runs 20 minutes in total, with the inclusion of track 1), I had been through a torrential burst of speeding riffs, energetic blastbeats, and black metal-esque, hate filled vocals, with some songs erring more grind like, and some more hardcore like, but all completely relentless in their execution.

Blackened crust/grind/powerviolence is something that doesn’t really pop up often, which is unfortunate because, as one of my favorite grind bands ever (Watchmaker) has proven, and as Black Hole of Calcutta is now showing, it’s damn good stuff, and I’m looking forward to more of it.

Give the album a listen here:

- Chase

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