Sunday, February 19, 2012

Owlscry - Owlscry (2012) [Self-Mutilation Services]

Owlscry has been around for a few years, but this is their first full-length release. I have no idea why they've been sitting on the recordings for over a year, but it's good to see them finally available.

Owlscry have some affinity for their neighbors in Wormsblood. While producing something distinctly recognizable as black metal, they don't embrace all of the standard sounds as necessary techniques. The most obvious is the heavy inclusion of "clean vocals," or as the rest of the universe calls it, "singing." Owlscry aren't afraid to build on timbre-and-rhythm-centered minimalism or use clean guitars and musical chord progressions. Owlscry certainly don't go for the continuous blasting and trem-picking of many of their counterparts, but instead frequently achieves a sort of rocking vibe somewhat reminiscent of Lifelover.

In fact, Owlscry resemble nothing quite as much as a blacker, heavier Lifelover with a more large-scale concept of songwriting. Like perhaps a meeting of Lifelover, Bethlehem, and the lengthier works of fellow Americans (Nightbringer, Sutekh Hexen, Weakling).

I don't think I've ever dropped so many names in a review. Don't for a second think that it's because Owlscry sounds like anyone else. If you want to hear creative black metal with no Satan, Hitler, suicide, or flowering trees, look no further. Owlscry continually explore new and relevant musical approaches without incoherence or gimmick.

Now where's the Owlscry merch?


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  1. Nice.
    They also have bandcamp.


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