Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yami Kurae - "La Sposa Della Stagno" (2011) [Crucial Blast]

Yami Kurae is an electro-acoustic project that leans most heavily on the "acoustic" side of that, but continues to embrace sounds for themselves as sounds; their works, despite using an array of notes that many woulod reject as "not notes" or "not in tune" across star-patterned rhythmic structures, show clear and effective structuring and development.

If that sounds dry, zoom in for a moment. Star-patterned. Try staring some night at the stars; bring your violin and a close friend. Play the stars to each other; repeat their words, and when you can, begin a conversation in the tongue of their night-time glimmers. That, on a small scale, is a touch of the vision that Yami Kurae reflected in this release.

Yami Kurae also bend the star-tongue to primal humanity and the heartbeat-rituals that people find without language. They use more instruments--whether prepared strings or assorted percussion and tape, I couldn't say--but La Sposa Della Stagno (the Bride of the Pond) is a retelling of an ancient fairytale created with instruments, voices, tape, and the narration that the constellations speak, with thirty-some pages of beautiful, developing artwork.

They've been criminally neglected, so there's a chance you might be able to find one of the copies of this release.


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