Monday, September 10, 2012

Automelodi - "s/t" (2010) [Wierd Records]

Sorry folks, I'm still alive.

Now, I will be first in line to admit I know absolutely nothing about this Xavier Paradis or anyone else involved in this project. However, upon first listen to this album, I then took it for an immediate second listen. And then a third. And a fourth.

There is just something about this collection of recordings that resonates into the ear of anyone who has ever had any enjoyment of, or involvement in, more synthesizer-based music circles. Be it the seemingly coldwave-invoking, pounding basslines, or the almost Witch House-sounding synth warps, or even the distant-yet-driving vocal complements, this man has done what many aspire to do: take a few synthesizers and go absolutely all out in exploring, experimenting, and perfecting a vast array of sounds... and throw it all onto one extremely solid, and pleasantly complete, full length album. Throw in some pedal-steel guitars and whatnot and you have an album which covers a multitude of bases.

And that's not just all. No. This album is FUN. 
Enjoyable electronic music is not all too common in the present day where everyone tries far too hard to make some sort of somber, droning, exhausting passages with warped tempoes and call it electronic music. I don't know what one would call this. Dance? Synth-pop? Electro-rock? I could care less. I am admittedly not a genre-policeman. This just rules, whatever it is. 

... So yes, not sure if you could tell, but I just love this album. I listen to it at work. I listen to it in the car. I listen to it in my studio. I listen to it and sob as I look at my synthesizer and my lack of initiative makes itself abundantly clear to me.

I am not worthy, Automelodi. 
That's why I will leave this elaborate and stellar musicianship to you. May your little grey and reflex-blue gatefold CD case never leave me.

- Elan

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