Saturday, January 29, 2011

netra - "Mélancolie urbaine" (2010) [Hypnotic Dirge Records]

'Forward thinking music' is a statement that is every bit as much cliché as it is pinned on artists undeserving of said statement. However, once in a great while, there comes along an artist who makes no mistake in making it clear how deserving they are of the title.

netra has not only disregarded the fad of 'shoegaze/post-punk black metal' in its modern-black metal venture, but has gone into territories not often chartered by bands of genres even related to black metal.

Trip hop? Maybe a tad bit of lounge?

With many samples, differing vocal patterns, and consistently interesting percussive patterns, what we are treated to is a bleak storyline expressed through music. As depressing as it is musically enlightening, this series of tracks not only branches abroad the 'experimental black metal' territory, but somehow remains INTERESTING and ENJOYABLE. A very difficult feat to accomplish. Too often, 'experimental' means 'jumbled'. However, I am proud to report that this is not the case on this wonderful, well-thought-out, and masterful album.

Do. Not. Miss. This. Album.


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