Sunday, February 13, 2011

Massive Slavery - "Global Enslavement" (2010) [Maple Metal Records]

            Massive Slavery, sounds like another band that praises the ideals of the white race and propagates the longevity of the true race, doesn’t it? In fact, this is quite the opposite. This band is a melodic death metal band with metalcore influences. They also do not glorify white power or its ideals. I was sold on listening to this band’s debut release because of the name, Massive Slavery. Despite the talent displayed on this record, this album just wasn’t my thing. My 16 year old self would probably have jizzed myself dry over this album. Yes, I admit it. Eat your fucking hearts out. I was a metalcore dude during my high school days. However, I am now at the age of 21 and my taste in music has drastically changed, matured, and grown since 16, and this type of music doesn’t have the appeal that I once thought it had (I still can’t really tell you the appeal I found with metalcore even today).
            The band is from Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec City, Quebec. Overall, the Canadians have showcased a number of bands that I greatly respect. This band can play melodic death metal very well. They have a powerful, crushing sound and the songs move at a very fast pace. Usually, each song is very enjoyable, until they begin to use break downs. I have outgrown the one chord breakdown. I outgrew it long ago when I discovered Cannibal Corpse in high school. These break down sections of their songs completely messed with the overall flow of the song. Even though the band seemed to place them in the correct spots, they would still disrupt the flow of a good groove by using a break down. They didn’t use just one either, sometimes it was as many as 3 per song. In my opinion, 1 is too many.
            I normally name notable tracks, but I am not going to with this release. The only sections of songs I can remember are the break down sections. Whatever catchy, melodic death riffs these guys played were ruined by the use of not one, but multiple breakdowns. Despite the talent this band has displayed, I am just not into the metalcore genre anymore. I am also not a fan of deathcore genre, as a whole, and to hear to breakdowns in death metal only makes me thing of all the shitty deathcore bands that have hit it big today. In summary, I am not a fan of metalcore and this album did not strike the proper chord within me. 

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