Sunday, February 13, 2011

Occultation - "Somber Dawn" (2010) [Self-released]

Looking at the cover of this CDR, you're probably thinking "Well shit, what is Jon doing reviewing more bedroom black metal?"

But you'd be wrong. Dead wrong.

This low-key three-piece band (featuring none other than Nameless Void from black metal legends Negative Plane on guitar, organ and backing vocals) was brought to my attention by none other than artist extraordinaire Justin Bartlett on Facebook of all things, which is the last place I would expect to find a band.

Their social networking sites all classify them in the progressive metal realm, and yet I really feel Occultation is really cutting themselves short here. Taking cues from krautrock, Diamanda Galas, darkwave, and Italian zombie movie soundtracks, Occultation's off-kilter yet undeniably catchy and memorable tunes are unlike anything I've ever heard. E.M.'s (Nameless Void) piercing guitar and organ create an uneasy wash beneath drummer V.B. and bassist A.L.'s rather occult-sounding (there's something I thought I'd never say) vocal harmonies. This is pop music you'd hear echoing within a buried Satanic chapel; a 70's psychedelic rock band on a bad acid trip. Perfect for those long nights of dark rooms, sitting in a makeshift pentagram on your floor.

Occultation has definitely carved their own niche as far as I'm concerned, and these three songs indicate a bright (well, "bright") future for this kvlt trio.

If you want a copy, feel free to e-mail them at Totally worth it.



  1. I'm amazed this band hasn't made their material more readily available online i.e. download via bandcamp or reverbnation.

    If they want to get the word out and have doom metal fans know they would think.

  2. This demo was re-released as a 7" on Invictus Productions and they will be releasing a full-length album on Profound Lore Records this year.

  3. This band is terrible. This is nothing but coffee house bm trash. Annoying,weak and uninspired.

    1. I see you enjoy being an anonymous douchebag on internet posts which happen to be over a year old.

      Also, if anything, this sounds more like Mercyful Fate than whatever "coffee house" black metal of which you speak. Something tells me you just started hating Wolves in the Throne Room and are overcompensating by flexing your e-wiener. Do that elsewhere.



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