Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lord Mantis - "Pervertor" (2012) [Candlelight Records.

With Chicago's Lord Mantis the key word is "groove," and on newest release Pervertor, there is plenty to go around. The band rarely deviates into blast beat territory, and by not doing so, they prove that you can still take your time carving out mid-paced and plodding heaviness while hashing out a sound that is equally as intense as any mach speed death or black metal. (While listening I couldn't help but be reminded of Autopsy in that respect.)

Although categorized as "blackened sludge", I find it hard to lump this band in with others from that genre. The vocals are quite twisted as you should expect and the music itself tends to convey a sense of filth that is both satisfying and sickening. You almost immediately begin to feel engulfed in the crushing tones and sullen leads as the band churn and conjure up an atmosphere that is ripe with disgusting grime. While there may not be anything here that is truly groundbreaking, what is here is damn good and absolutely worth a listen. In fact, I'd venture to say that Lord Mantis is definitely underrated and in spite of sharing members with more well known acts, they've also seemed to have slipped under quite a few radars, which is a shame. In fact, I hadn't even heard a single note until I sat down to review this album. In an age where practically no one is reinventing the wheel in extreme music, it is still incredibly refreshing to come across a band that not only do what they do so competently and convincingly but are also able to make it their own. There is something about Lord Mantis that is absolutely putrid and it is welcome and immensely enjoyable. If you haven't heard them yet or have heard the name but not the music, check this out. What it may lack in originality it more than makes up for by being uneasy, unnerving and in all honesty pretty fucking awesome. With this album Lord Mantis has made me a fan that is eager to keep an eye out for what they do next. Really good stuff...


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  1. One of my favorite albums released this year. It conveys a lonely artistic vision while also offering groovy stomps that engage the listener. Just a great album and perfect follow up to their last.


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