Monday, April 15, 2013

The Inarguable Exclusive: New Seirom Track "Sparkle Night" Streaming Now

Maurice "Mories" de Jong is the source of more than a few of my nightmares. The tortured mastermind behind the praised Gnaw Their Tongues and Aderlating, Mories has destroyed minds and ears with his own brand of night terror fuel, crafting amorphous masses of mechanized flesh and delightfully destructive sadism. With a reputation which more than precedes him, more than a few jaws dropped when Mories unveiled his newest solo project, Seirom, whose sound is as much a reversal as the project's name.

You will not find Mories's disturbing insignia hidden within the walls of "Sparkle Night." There is no epiphanic vomiting of blood, nor is there pained shuddering, rather a beautiful display of loud, full, post-rock-inspired ambiance. Echoing the "maximum sound" approach of bands like Surface of Ece(y)on and the like, "Sparkle Night" draws from a variety of textures, from the warm, pulsing bass's depth to the shimmering, glass-like guitar work and smooth mellotron work, to create something that is as massive as it is entrancing and beautiful. Like waves crashing on a beach of sea glass or an Earthrise from some distant planet, Seirom is proof that Mories isn't the ball-gagged one trick pony he was once made out to be. Even the most tortured souls can make something beautiful, and "Sparkle Night" is most certainly beautiful.

"Sparkle Night" is the first half of a brand new Seirom cassette, which will be available in a week's time from Sulphurous Productions.



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